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Thanks for visiting our page! If you're here, it's because you probably love candles as much as we do. There is so much warmth a candle can bring to an atmosphere and I love the way they can instantly lift a mood. As candle lovers ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be when an amazing candle you've enjoyed burning runs out.

Inspired by our love for amazing scents, and never wanting them to end, Casa Di Ovia was born. Our timeless candle cases are designed to be reused time and time again with no mess and no fuss. We know your home is a haven, so we haven't compromised on quality. Our cases are stylish and sturdy, and our refills are made from recyclable iron, because looking after our environment matters. 

All our ingredients are vegan friendly and cruelty free and we only ever use natural waxes and fragrances, so our candles burn clear and don't release any toxic fumes. 

Love the wick. Hate the waste.

This is the future of candles.